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The community organization MASA has services for parents and children of all ages.

  • Parent-Child Home Program, offers early education for young children (toddlers). Home visitors show parents how to engage with young children and start teaching them how to regulate their emotions, behavior, and learning skills.

  • The Masa After School Program is to help children with their homework and really teach them the material

  • The Intensive Literacy Program is for children who are reading below their grade level and need extra one-on-one attention to learn how to read.

  • Summer Enrichment is a program where students participate in intensive literacy, math, and science courses over the summer. This program is almost like summer school except it is designed to provide children with more support in learning core subjects and they often host outdoor activities and field trips for students and parents.

Masa offers these programs and a bunch of other ones. Parents can find more information here in both English and Spanish.

Visit the website with more information and details in Spanish here:

If you would like to be a part of Masa you can register by calling here: → (646) 469-8838).

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